The Project

The Project

lesuisse - villa - costa smeralda

A dream to experience nature.

The new villas of Parco del Pevero, some of which are newly constructed, whereas other are under construction, camouflage themselves and almost blend with nature and the typical endemic vegetation due to the masterly play of ground drops, gardens with Mediterranean scrub and local materials used.

All of the perspective plays undermine the traditional mental symmetries: the villas become “sculpture houses”with niches, turrets, suspended ceilings, stairs-paths, swimming pools and small lakes.

The special position of each villa donates unique views and exclusive sceneries on the Pevero Bay. The roomy verandas, balconies and full-relief arches accommodate comfortable relaxation areas: the private gardens, 1000 to 2000 square metre wide, host unique pools whose profiles are enriched by granite rocks, stone walkways and sunbathing areas.

Original blends of materials for an impressive and top-quality architectural event.
The finishes highlight the very elegant and exclusive character of these villas. Plasters in natural hues, finely worked wrought iron ornaments, fixtures and frames from handcrafted meranti mahogany wood and artistic glass inlays: but also ancient pan tiles, Ardesia stone, handcrafted terracotta-tiled floors and roof-gardens.

Precious details enhance the exclusive flavour of these villas: hand-moulded interiors, changing modules and mosaics, artistic light points from coloured Murano glass and wrought iron. And yet, a blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, where sheltered balconies covered with brick roof and pergolas from chestnut rows and latticework break insideout boundaries.

Intentionally made different from one another, these homes boast:

  • 2 /3/4 double bedrooms with related ensuite facilities
  • spacious living and dining area
  • kitchen
  • guest toilet
  • laundry
  • store-room and cellar
  • own parking spaces
  • large indoor and outdoor verandas
  • patios and balconies

Jean Claude Lesuisse, an architect of international fame, expressed its distinctive style which has was imitated right there on Costa Smeralda. The designer of the most beautiful houses and a man with great ability to synthesize art and tradition through a personal and unique interpretation of materials, spaces, gardens and verandas, has succeeded in combining the different rooms of the house, the gardens and the verandas by creating a continuum between internal and external spaces.

Studio Lesuisse website:

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